Z - A Challenge - Z

The Isle of Purbeck is undoubtedly a place of natural beauty - even on a misty morning, this view of the coast from Winspit towards Swanage is stunning.

But it's not just for its natural beauty that the region is known.  Film and TV producers have flocked to the region for decades.

Michael Crawford's Some Mothers Do Have 'Em, Blake's Seven, Dr Who - they've all put the Purbecks on the map.  The Richard Chamberlain version of the Man in the Iron Mask had scenes filmed on the lower levels of Winspit.

Winspit is a man made phenomenon.  The cliffs were quarried for the Purbeck stone and the ledges that work created offer vantage points not normally available on sheer cliffs.

Decades ago the world (surely?!) was stunned to see Daleks appear from the caves. 

A few weeks ago the BBC re-screened (so much better than repeated) a play - Nuts in May.  It followed the story of a young married couple visiting the Purbecks and camping near Corfe Castle.  It was a lovely opportunity for 'us locals' to spot our home turf.  Yes, it seems we've hosted almost every genre of TV and film - although I don't recall Z Cars ever driving along the coastal paths!