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Benjamin Jesty
Worth Matravers, a small village that overlooks the coast, has many claims to fame and the one I'm sharing today nips inland to another Dorset village, Yetminster.  While Yetminster is certainly not found in the Isle of Purbeck, history will always record its connection.

Benjamin Jesty was born in Yetminster, but it was on a farm near Worth Matravers that he made his home.  Both Benjamin and his wife are buried near the small church in Worth.

The inscription on Jesty's memorial reads, He was born at Yetminster in this county and was an upright and honest Man, particularly noted for having been the first person known that introduced the Cow Pox by inoculation and who from his great strength of mind made the experiment on his wife and two sons in the year 1774.

Following that brave experiment developed the method of inoculation that has saved millions of lives around the world.

Inside the church is a memorial to another local, Mary Brown.  Her mother, Abigail, was one of the first members of the public to be inoculated by Jesty.