A - Z Blogging Challenge - A

Yes, today is the first day of the A - Z Blogging Challenge and for the next 26 days all my blogs will have a theme in alphabetical order.

Now the actual challenge allows for Sundays off (except today) - so there are 26 days for the 26 letters.  But as I normally blog every day I'm just going for it.

So what's today's theme?  Well A is for Angler.  You'll soon realise that all my blogs within this challenge are illustrated with photos that compliment the theme.  You'll also realise that often the link might be tenuous, but it still exists.

Back to this image.  It's a view towards Porlock and then Bossington, Exmoor.  It was a lovely day, despite those ominous clouds.  They added a sharpness to the view and the contrast of the bright clothes worn by the angler is perfect.  There were a number of men fishing that day, but this one was the guy for me. 

I loved the photo so much that I included it in my range of greetings cards - it was bought by wives for their husbands, Exmoor fans and anyone else who just liked the view.