A - Z Blogging Challenge - Z

So here we are, at the end of this wonderful journey that has been the A - Z Challenge.

I don't know about you - whether you're a reader or a fellow participant - but it's been the easiest 26 blog posts since I began this Blogathon Challenge three years ago.

Rather than just throw random words out there in alphabetical order, I chose a theme and it was a theme I could illustrate with my own photos.  I think that's what I enjoyed most - having fun, remembering where I was when the photos were taken, revisiting those memories.

It's likely that zoos will crop up in many final posts today.  But I am still true to my theme - Exmoor does have a zoo and I have taken the photo that proves it!

Of course, writing these posts has only been a part of the Challenge.  I've also 'met' some lovely Bloggers, shared their prayers, their wit and their frustrations too.

Thank you to my visitors, thank you to my fellow bloggers - until next year?  No!  I will do my best to visit you all regularly, perhaps you'll return here, too?

And if you're a writer and have an e-Book out there, why not contact my website and submit it for a FREE review?  There are no hidden catches, we just read and review.

Until next time?  Thank you for dropping by!