A - Z Blogging Challenge - X

If you've followed this Challenge from A onwards, I suspect you might have wondered how on earth I could use X. 

Well let's go back further than A - let's go back to the creation of this Blogathon Challenge in 2010.

The Blogathon was and still is, a collaboration between Baggy and her virtual friend, MonkeyNuts.

We've never met, but we've known each other for years, virtually.  When the Blogathon began, it was the responsibility of Ms MonkeyNuts to set the challenge for that day - throwing random words for my brain to feast upon.

In December 2010 - the 18th, actually - I was almost caught off-side with xenophobic.  But of course, I rose to the challenge and successfully blogged on the subject.

So back to today.  How do I bring xenophobic into this post with a photo taken on Exmoor that is connected with the subject?

Well, it's easy.  The photo is of me, taken by another good friend and talented writer, Celia K Andrew (look out for her in magazines - her short stories are very, very popular).  And I'm posting a card to MonkeyNuts!

If you look closely you will spot the image on the card is of a Pony - an Exmoor Pony and used for P in this challenge.

Celia and I were in Horner Wood - on Exmoor, of course.  We'd enjoyed tea and cake at a tea room and before heading for home, I posted the card.  The camera used is the same camera that has taken all the other photos on this A - Z Challenge. 

I think that covers X, don't you?