A - Z Blogging Challenge - W

I read somewhere that the definition of a weed is just a flower that grows in the wrong place. If that's true then my garden is full of flowers!

Even weeds can be as beautiful as any pampered plant. The humble dandelion is a case in point.

Yes, they can blow themselves out of control and dominate a lush lawn. But aren't they still a thing of beauty?

I took this photograph years ago, but I can still remember exactly where I was. I had parked my car at Withypool and was heading along the River Barle towards the Tarr Steps.

It's a lovely walk - about 8 miles if you make it back.

Some of the walk is along the wide bank that opens to fields and that's where this flower had chosen to grow. I love the delicacy of its head, knowing that it will soon disappear with a gust of wind. You may not want it growing in your garden, but when you tug one out - remember this photo, please?