A - Z Blogging Challenge - that was the second week that was!

Dulverton might have prospered through the harnessing of water and the use of leats, but there is a sad side to the power of water. In 1952, at the time of the Lynmouth floods, Dulverton suffered too. There’s a memorial in the village that shows how high the River Barle rose – perhaps to 7 feet.

Thankfully the museum confirms no loss of human life, although some farm animals drowned.

It’s also recorded that Dulverton was the main setting for the film Land Girls. A farm at Bamptom was used for most of the agricultural scenes, but Dulverton was really the star. The main street, where the Lamb Hotel once stood, was decked out with bunting – much like it will be for the forthcoming jubilee this summer.

A local lamb farmer, frustrated at falling prices, had the innovative idea of offering guided tours of the locations. He was the perfect man for the job – the film company had employed him to drive the cast around.

His lambs may not have been bringing home the bacon, but at least he wasn’t sat at home knitting.

Today there are several Exmoor folk offering ‘Safaris’ – taking you where your car would fear to go. I’ve had the pleasure of three and they were all great fun, led by different ‘hunters’.

These guides know their stuff and their local knowledge almost guarantees patrons will sight a pony or deer or two. They’re not cheap, they never were. But if you’re new to the area it’s a great way to get your bearings.

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