A - Z Blogging Challenge - T

This old tree trunk was washed on to the beach at Bossington, close to Porlock.

Long since felled - either by man or nature - it was now sun-bleached and nothing more than a curiosity.

It makes an interesting image. I was telling some friends about this A - Z Challenge and how wood would be featured. They reminded me of a tale from our past.

A few years ago, when our knees didn't hurt and legs didn't limp, we ran - as part of a lovely running club. During the summer months members take it in turns to organise a 'summer run'. It's a chance to explore a new route and then feast in a pub.

On this particular run we were crossing a field and the others were pointing to the distance. "Is that a deer?" one asked. "No, it's a cow." I looked, I stared and all I could see was an old tree trunk.

I should have booked appointments for them all at an opticians!