A - Z Blogging Challenge - S

As lovely as the moorlands are, I do adore the sea and that's the beauty of Exmoor, you're never far from the coast.

At Watchet they've invested millions into redeveloping the harbour, creating a modern marina.

Along the quayside are statues and this particular one caught my eye.

It depicts the fictional character, the Ancient Mariner. Commissioned in 2002, it was by sculpted by Alan B Herriot from Penicuik in Scotland.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived not far from Watchet (at Nether Stowey) and it was whilst there that he visited Watchet. Inspired by the sight of the harbour, he penned his most famous poem - The Ryme of the Ancient Mariner.

The statue dominates the harbour, it's a fitting tribute.

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