A - Z Blogging Challenge - Q

Most walks on Exmoor require a challenge, a quest - but how hard you make it, is up to you!

Dunkery Beacon is the highest point on Exmoor. Climbing must sound a challenge and it can be.

From Exford you can walk to the Beacon, it's a steep climb to begin with, but the gradient soon improves. That route's about eight miles - if you decide to walk back, of course!

You can also reach Dunkery from Horner's Wood, near Porlock. I've never tested that route, but one day I will.

For those that find walking a struggle, worry not. You can drive within a few 100 metres or so and then amble to the peak. I don't know how far this pair of 'Dunkers' had walked, perhaps miles, perhaps metres!

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