A - Z Blogging Challenge - N


Exmoor is full of surprises and if you want to capture them with your camera you need to be ready. One morning I'd parked on the edge of the moor, just above Dulverton. As I sipped my coffee I happened to glance up. Two deer were heading towards the road eventually to cross it.

They were some distance away - the photo was taken with the zoom and through the car's windscreen. But still, it's not a bad photo. You can see the antlers, even if they're a little blurry. It's not the qualit of the shot, it's the capture of the view that makes it, to me, a god photo.

Once again it's a photo of a moment, a moment I nearly missed. Another dunk of that biscuit, a car speeding by - all could have cost me that image and the wonderful memory.

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