A - Z Blogging Challenge - M

Exmoor is peppered with memorials - although the park authority now has strict controls over their placement.

Any memorial you might spot has probably been there for decades. This photo is of a memorial on a part of Exmoor that's fairly new to me. Driving up from Marsh Bridge to West Anstey Common you arrive at a remote and beautiful setting.

The large granite rock has been placed in memory of a local landowner, Froude Hancock. His family were brewers and he was born at Wiveliscombe, on the border of Exmoor, in 1865.

Of all the memorials I've spotted on Exmoor, there is only that wasn't placed for a landowner. Amos Cann lost his life in a blizzard in 1891, he was only 24 years of age. He was walking across Porlock Common towards home. His body wasn't found for several days.

By coincidence his family lived at Greenlands, the home of Sir Ranulph Fiennes - as mentioned on the F post, earlier in the month.

Amos Cann's memorial is found in the churchyard at Exford. By car that's only a few minutes from Greenlands, but on foot - in blizzard conditions - it's a lifetime away.

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