A - Z Blogging Challenge - L

Water plays a big part in the life of Exmoor - the rivers dominate the landscape and history. The Lynmouth flood of 1952, where several souls lost their lives, is still within living memory.

The power of rivers is often harnessed for industry and it's no different on Exmoor.

In Dulverton the local laundry sits astride the river and once used its force to power the machinery.

You can't go far in Dulverton without either seeing or hearing water. Apart from the Barle itself, the town is intersected by leats, small streams. They run behind houses and under streets.

To me, they're a reminder of a bygone age - when water literally ran industry.

Dulverton is always worth a visit if you're in the region. It has shops, tea rooms, a bank and post office too. If you do visit, try a walk along the river, down to Marsh Bridge. You can go by car, but walking along the river bank is much more fun!

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