A - Z Blogging Challenge - K

Whether you crochet or knit, it's likely you use wool. I can knit, I just choose not to. Knitting a jumper was, for me, a challenge. I succeeded but don't feel the need to try it again.

I'm much happier with a crochet hook. Although I have used wool, I prefer the very fine, thin cotton.

Hopefully it's pretty obvious what the connection is between knitting and the photo - but it's still a curious shot.

Sheep are by nature a little timid and I was surprised they stayed by the gate long enough for the shot. I don't recall using a zoom, so I must have entertained them long enough for a good pose!

As usual I can recall exactly where the shot was taken. I was walking up a steep lane towards Dunkery Beacon. It's all sheep country in that region. When I was there last month my path took me through a field with lambs that were perhaps only hours old. They were tiny and very weak. But they sat, basking in the warm sun. Had roast lamb for dinner that night.