A - Z Blogging Challenge - I

I love this photo. It's one of the earliest I took when I first had a digital camera. For someone like me, digital photography is a gift from heaven.

Why? Because it allows me to take several images, all slightly different - but without wasting expensive 35mm film.

We've all experienced the frustrations of receiving our photos from the developer and finding a few missed opportunities have crept in.

If only I'd stood to the left a little...if only I'd waited a second longer for that bird to fly a little nearer.

Not only is that in the past, we can now embrace innovations of our own. The day I took this photo was lovely and bright and very clear. But I thought it would be fun to create something more atmospheric. So what did I do? I breathed heavily on the lens and a gentle mist appeared.

Now I know all you serious snappers are tutting at me, but the lens was clean, so no smears remained. And guess what? I don't care - the image works for me.

And where is that view? It's on the edge of the moor, as you drop down to Dulverton. Behind me would be the Tarr Steps and in front, Wheddon Cross and beyond.