A - Z Blogging Challenge - E

Unless you haven't paid attention, it's pretty obvious that this series of Blog Posts features Exmoor as its running theme.

I'd decided at the end of March that I'd like my own theme - not just use A - Z because that wasn't  focused enough.

And I also wanted to illustrate each post with my own photos.  I take thousands of them - I can walk for an hour and take a hundred.

Not all are worth sharing, some should definitely be binned.  But I love the challenge of capturing a moment, a feeling.  This particular view was taken in March last year.  The river is the River Barle and it's on its way to Simonsbath and Dulverton before joining the Exe.

The photo was taken on a hazy morning.  That may compromise the quality of the shot - but that's how the day was.  For me, a photo should represent what the eye sees - and on that day, that's it.