A - Z Blogging Challenge - C

I think it's pretty obvious what today's post is about - Cream Teas!

Oh yes, what could be better than sitting in the sunshine with a pot of tea and some scrumptious scones - swamped in jam and cream?

Despite what you may think, I'm not a great cake scoffer.  But there's something irresistible about this tasty treat.  In my defence I will reveal that my Exmoor retreat offers a complimentary cream tea on arrival.  It would be churlish to decline.

Of course not all cream teas are the same.  I seem to have amassed a file of research on the subject.  A few miles away from this delicious platter in the village of Dulverton, I've found them to be hit and miss.

It's not the scones or the mix nor even their baking.  No, it's the idea that they must be served warm.  Warm is the key word.  Popping scones into a microwave to achieve this may sound simple enough.  But we all know that a few seconds too long can result in a singed supper.  If ever you've tried to slice a too hot scone you will know that all you're left with is a pile of crumbs - certainly not capable of supporting the jam and cream.

I'd rather have a cold scone than a crumbed one.

The photo, in case you're wondering, is a recent one.  It was taken last month and the weather was fine enough for me to sit in the sun and scoff!