A - Z Blogging Challenge - B

This lovely bridge is near the Exmoor village of Winsford.  I love the way the eye is drawn to the distance, taking you on a journey.

It was snapped one March when we had nothing but rain.  Despite the brightness of the image it was actually pouring with rain. 

I'd visited Winsford many times - it has a lovely tearoom with a garden.  You can hear the stream and the splashes of cars as they drive through the ford.

But because of the rain I'd been forced to keep to well surfaced paths - no meanderings over fields that day.  So after many years of visits I came across this special little bridge.  I didn't mean for this challenge to be all about my greetings cards (which are no longer available!), but this view was also popular.  Enlarged to A5 it looked very atmospheric and was often bought to send thoughtful messages at a time of sadness or loss.