Patsy Collins - a success story!

This isn't the first time I've blogged about Patsy Collins.

She hosts a fascinating blog - lots of fun competitions for writers, mixed with a healthy dose of humour too.

But there's more to Patsy than her blog. She now has a publishing contract for her novel - Escape to the Country!

Here's a link the announcement by Creating Print Publishing, but for those exhausted at the thought of another click I've summarised the blurb here:

"This wonderful title is planned for paperback release late March with the Kindle versions shortly (after).

Over 150 of Patsy's stories have been published in a range of British, Irish, South African and Australian magazines including Woman’s Weekly, Take a Break's Fiction Feast, The Weekly News, Woman’s Day, That's Life! and My Weekly.

'Escape to the Country' is her first published novel. It's set in Kent, a county she visits regularly for the wonderful scenery, gorgeous gardens and historic buildings. Patsy likes to research her stories thoroughly, so before writing this story she lived on a small farm for 26 years and learned to milk cows, drive tractors and deliver calves just as her main character Leah does. She also tried getting rescued from mud by handsome strangers, but was less successful at that."

So there you have it. What a lovely success story - well done, Patsy!

And how did Patsy react to the news? Click here!