More Exmoor...

...or should that be moor?

The hotel are running a competition - inviting guests to submit photos of Exmoor.  They don't mention a prize, but I guess it's a fun way for guests to interact with the hotel's website and newsletter.

I have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of Exmoor.  So which to choose?

I'm posting three here - and the reasons why I like them.

Exmoor ponies are now so reduced in numbers, there are more Pandas in the world than these beautiful ponies.  The breed is kept pure and any foals that do not display the key features of colouring and shape in a strong enough form, are removed from Exmoor.

Although they do not seem to mind the traffic across the moor - either by foot or four wheels - they aren't too easy to spot.  This particular photo was taken in March.  I'd come across a herd by chance and this one perched itself on the edge of the Devil's Punchbowl near Winsford.

This photo was taken the same March.  I'd eaten an early breakfast and driven to the moor where it was still misty.  There was a chill in the air but the sun was soon to burn through, but for now it was hazy and mysterious.

A fellow guest had commented at breakfast that it was a gloomy day.  How could any day be gloomy? 

October, when this photograph had been taken, had been especially wet - parts of the country and Exmoor itself, had been subjected to torrential rain and flood warnings were in place.

As I drove towards Simonsbath I had thought of walking along the River Barle, but the river was too high and I know the banks would have been breached.

Turning into a car park I could see the road was flooded, so I carefully walked down to get a better look.  There was no way of walking through it, but to the side I glimpsed this view.  Warmed by October sun, this old barn with its gate was a perfect Exmoor view. 

So which to submit?  There doesn't seem to be any rules - so perhaps I could send all three?