If you're happy and you know it...

Regular readers will know I'm not one for those chain-letter-awards that get passed from Blog to Blog. But here's the exception to the rule. It was passed to me by my friend Celia. Celia is a very talented writer and is regularly published magazines - proper magazines that people pay good money for. If you read People's Friend regularly then it's very likely you've read her words.

So Celia has passed this Sunshine Award to me - and part of the deal is I share with you what makes me happy.

Here goes:

My family
My friends
The countryside
The community I am lucky to live in
Roast lunches on a Sunday
Visiting Exmoor
Returning to Rome

I could go on and on - I am one of those annoying people that are happy and content most of the time. Even when I'm not, it's unlikely to last very long.

So be happy and multiply!