Finders (safe) keepers?

My trip to Seaton is almost over. I've eaten a delicious bacon bap, drunk coffee and scoffed fish and chips. Yes, an awesome day.

As we were clambering into the Bongo, I spotted a bank card on the tarmac. We were parked in the Tesco car park - free for anyone supporting the Grizzly. So it could have been dropped by either a runner or a shopper.

Despite it not being a new card, the owner hadn't signed it - something we're all asked to do, for obvious reasons.

What to do? Go for a meal, buy a computer? Of course not. I popped it through the letter box of my local branch with a brief note.

But that evening I wondered it I could trace the owner. I checked the Grizzly results and found a matching name and his club. I emailed their secretary.

A swift reply pinged back. They would contact the member and if it belonged to him, set his mind at peace.

The next day I received an email. The card didn't belong to that runner - would have made a nice ending, wouldn't it?