A day in the life of...

I'm not the most organised of people - as you're about to learn.

Yesterday I decided to vacuum the interior of my car. But the lead wasn't long enough.

So I turned out the store cupboard to find an extension, but couldn't.

I knew there was a lead in the kitchen, but that wasn't long enough.

Then I remembered I'd used the longer lead in my bedroom so I retrieved it, sucked up the stuff and then returned to the store cupboard. I decided most of it was junk so it became a pile on the landing. Then I decided the spare room was similarly cluttered, so cleared that and added to the pile on the landing. That pile was now so big I moved it back into the spare room, albeit in a more orderly fashion.

After that I had to return both leads as they're still needed.

Moral of story? Cleaning cars sucks, literally.