Choosing the right words

Now here's the thing (don't you just hate that?). I've been pondering this new challenge that I've signed up for - the one where you have to post every day, following a theme created by the alphabet.

Regular readers will know that I've been there, done that - already.

So I've decided to add a few ideas of my own.

Firstly I shall be blogging every day - as usual. I shan't take Sundays off, I shall just finish on 26th April.

I thought I'd make it more interesting by choosing the words at random, from a dictionary. That's a non-starter. I did a test run and have decided not to blog about angina. Nor will I be writing a poem - I started looking for something to rhyme with angina, then decided I was fast losing my innocence.

No, I have decided that the words will all follow an association, for instance:


And to make it even more fun for me, I will include the previous words in the following blog. By the 26th April my final blog in this particular challenge will include all my words! The words just need to be associated - it doesn't matter how tenuously. Flees and Gnats are only related here - where it matters most.

I know, bonkers. But sanity wasn't in the small print when I signed up!