Can you hear my knees knocking?

I'm starting to get a tad nervous.

A few weeks ago I accepted the challenge of posting every day using a word or theme in alphabetical order. Because I already blog every day I thought I'd make it more interesting by always including the preceding words too.

I ran a few ideas through what I like to think of as my brain. Oh dear.

Here's my dummy run...

April is, by my definition, the month for fools. Blackcurrant would be my fool of choice, but failing that I suppose I’d go for a quick leg pull.

You can’t fight your genes and it’s pretty obvious I’ve inherited the leg pull gene from my father. As I prepare to drool over another Sunday lunch, you can bet your life he’ll be preparing to catch me out – one way or the other.

Would he be cruel enough to hide my food? Pretend to be out?

Perhaps I should arrive an hour early and try to convince my parents they’d overslept?

That's not too bad. So let's move on to B.

Bummalo isn’t a word that often crops up in my blog. But as I’m participating in the April A –Z Challenge, I thought it was time to embrace a new word. You’ll have to wait a few days before learning more about Bummalos – no cheating!

I think you can spot the problem.

Challenges are there to be beaten and this April’s challenge of writing every day and beginning each post with a word beginning in alphabetical order is sure to be fun as well as a challenge. But how should I reward myself, for succeeding (oh yes, I’m certain of my success). Perhaps I should order a plate of Bummalo?

No, it's back to the drawing board, sort of. These things can't be planned. I shall write them daily, not tie myself in knots before March gives way to April.

Wish me luck!