Bacon, baps and blessings

Every year I nip down the coast to Seaton, Devon. I belong to a running club and although I no longer compete, I do like to support my club.

Runners will be taking part in the Grizzly - or its little brother, the Cub.

There's a ritual to my day. It always begins with a bacon bap and a mug of coffee. A cafe on the seafront has tables and chairs outside and most years it's warm enough to sit and watch the world, and runners, go by.

Out of season, these businesses struggle and it would be too easy to take advantage of this bonus day. But this little cafe just carries on giving good service and value for money.

My bacon bap is full of the leanest rashers and the bread could not be fresher.

As I digest my first treat of the day I count my blessings that I'm not about to embark on a 20 mile run along some of the hilliest terrain in the region!