Who says romance is dead?

While sweethearts celebrate Valentines Day, what was dear old Baggy up to?

Well after raising some invoices so that I can eat next month and posting nonsense on a Blog written by some guy in Seattle, I settled down to a TV fest.

Despite watching the Waltons religiously, up popped an episode from series one that was new to me. A cousin and her family descended on the Waltons and caused chaos at every turn - Dust Bowl Cousins - the unexpected arrival of the cousins creates havoc in the home, but John-Boy learns a good lesson from Grandpa.

At the time of typing I can't say what that lesson is. But from Earl's biography I suspect it to be pure fiction.

And what next?

Well, sandwiched between my warmed up Spag Bol and home-made muffin was that classic celebration of young love, Twilight.

I know what you're thinking, 'Surely Baggy has that on DVD' and yes, I do. But those great TV schedulers have decreed that tonight's the night so I'm watching it again, live.

So bite me.

Of course some of my friends were even unluckier in love. As I was about to hit the 'publish and be damned' button, one mate popped up to say her fella had gone out for the evening.

Thank God for Vampires.