What makes you smile?

This evening, as I channel-hopped my way around the world of TV I caught the last five minutes of The David Cassidy Story. The lad playing DC had an air of the singer about him, but the awful wig did little to muster up memories of the heartthrob of many a girl - this one included.

Apparently DC was the executive producer of the film and also sung all the music. Alas I’d missed all that. David’s career was in the pan and he was heading along the same alcohol-fuelled highway that took his dad away from his family.

But as the film came to a close, his career takes off once more as he’s cast in the hit musical, Blood Brothers.

And then it happened, my smiling moment. The film suddenly cut to a live performance of both David and the actor who’d played him (Andrew Kavovit). Instantly I was back, a kid, posters on my bedroom wall, dreaming of David.

His music may have been corny, but it was the stuff of dreams. I have his greatest hits and whoever chose his music knew what they were doing. The lyrics are suggestive and guaranteed to whip his fans into a frenzy.

And what of Andrew Kavovit? Not much, I’m afraid. His career seemed to stall in 2007.