Spaced out?

I'm a great fan of digital photography. I love that I can go for a walk and snap away, taking hundreds of images. Apart from the original investment in the camera and replacing the batteries, it costs me nothing.

After each session I copy the photos to a dated folder and retain them all. Every now and then I'll bring a group of together and have them printed in a photo book. Of course they're carefully edited and only the best make the cut. And that's the downside of digital photography. We can have perfection, but at what price?

When I was growing up, you'd snap a view and never waste another shot. Some photos were good, some bad - but they always captured that moment.

Imagine if I'd been born a generation later. This photo of me may have just been deleted. My parents may have opted for one where I'd brushed my hair, dressed and not worn the slippers I'd also been given for Christmas that year.

Fortunately the 'after' photo also captures that special day!