Play time?

As promised, here's the interior of my lovely dolls house.

To the left is the very modern kitchen, complete with washing machine and oven. The lounge is very comfy - two armchairs, a sofa, table and of course, a TV.

Above the lounge is the one bedroom - but it's roomy.

My only niggle is the bathroom. Yes, it has all you might need - except a door. The stairs take you straight into the most private of rooms. And that's always irked me.

As a child I had a very vivid imagination. I could spend hours in my own little world and I adored the house. But I just couldn't accept that the bathroom wasn't private. I decided, I recall, to swap it with the bedroom. That wasn't right - who would want to sleep in such a small room?

But despite my gripes, I loved that house and still do.