Off my trolley?

At the top of my stairs is a large landing. One of my neighbours uses theirs for their computer. Mine is used to display some very special items.

The trolley was made by my grandfather. He made at least two and this one was his. It's pretty basic, but it does what it says on the label - practical and inoffensive.

I had the dolls house when I was young - perhaps eight years old. It's a pretty house with a rose climbing up the front. Although you can't see, inside it still has all its original furniture.

Downstairs is a fitted kitchen and a lounge with an open fire. Upstairs there's a bathroom and bedroom. I would spend hours playing with it and I love that when I go upstairs it catches my eye.

On the level below are some family photos. The one on the left is of four generations of my father's family. You probably can't see him, but he's the baby on the right. It's not the best photo in the world but still something to treasure.

On the lowest level are more photos - some of me with my nieces and nephews, my parents and a special one on the left. That's my grandfather and his brother. Kenneth, my uncle, was killed in the 2nd World War. My grandfather was in the RAF and he's wearing that uniform in the photo.

Mum has a larger copy of it. She had no photos of him - he died when she was a child and her parents were separated. But a cousin found one for me and I had it copied and framed - that is, I think, the best Mothers Day present I've ever given mum.