Community spirit

I'm very lucky that I live in a Community - in every sense of the word.

I moved here almost ten years ago and just before I made that bold step I caught sight of a local magazine.

It was crammed full of forthcoming events, together with reports of recent successes.

There were items that caught my eye - an arts appreciation society and a family history society. Once I'd moved, I decided, I would go along to both.

I did just that - once the packing boxes had moved to the spare room (some still haven't been sorted!), I ventured out.

The AAS were a welcoming bunch. But they were mostly retired folk and the events they organised were mainly during the day. However I did get to see an internationally famous orchestra and a wonderful play in Bath - starring Penelope Keith.

I'm still in touch with the FHS. Although I don't get to many of their meetings, I'm on their mailing list and still get to see what they're up to.

Without that little magazine I wouldn't have known about those opportunities. This month it celebrates its 10th anniversary. I must have seen one of the early issues.

During those passing years I've become a contributor and for a couple of years I even edited it too.

My Community is still as busy as ever and the pages of that magazine continue to promote and report on the events of my town.

Happy Birthday,!