All The President's Men - a classic lesson in writing a good movie

As busy as I find I am, I still like to unwind with a good film - I know, you're reeling from that shock revelation.

But if I'm in the middle of a project (as I invariably am!), what film to choose?

Well last weekend I fell back on a true classic.

All The President's Men is the story of how two Washington Post journalists broke the Watergate scandal.

I'm a sucker for a factual film and have this stored as a favourite DVD. The bonus of the DVD is that it comes with some bonuses - another shocker?

The documentary about the making of the film was fascinating. But what was most surprising was how early the film's producer and co-star, Robert Redford, became involved in the story.

He'd followed the paper reports as penned by Woodward and Bernstein and knew it would be a great movie. Knowing the two reporters were about to write their true account of how the story unfolded, he suggested they write it from their own perspective and this, he knew, would make it a successful movie.

They took that advice, wrote the book and Redford produced a multi award-winning film - including four Oscars. That it lost Best Picture to Rocky has to be the second biggest scandal of the year. But Sly's Slapper didn't have it all his own way - he also lost out to Network, a film that netted four Oscars.

All trivia and of no interest to anyone but me. So yes, fascinating!