What's my secret?

Last year I read The Secret - a book packed full of positive thoughts. I lent it to a friend and she repaid the compliment by buying me The Secret - Daily Teachings.

It's a little like a daily calendar with a motto - but all very thought provoking. Here's today's:

Think good thoughts
Speak good words
Take good actions

This morning I had to visit a client and on my way back, along a busy but rural lane, a small dog trotted towards me in the middle of the road. She was followed by two very slow cars, driven by nervous drivers.

We all came to a halt, but stayed in our cars.

After a few moments I switched on my hazard lights and left my car, walking towards the dog.

She seemed pleased to see me and allowed me to pick her up. After a brief chat with one of the other drivers I said I'd find her home.

The lane was scattered with houses and I didn't think the dog could have walked far. Her little legs were supporting a very sturdy barrel of a belly.

As I drove along to the nearest house, she moved between the two front seats and perched next to me. Each time I slowed the car, she lifted her front paws to the dashboard so's to get a better view.

After an hour of knocking, I was forced to accept defeat so I let her out of the car to fend for herself.

Are you shocked? Good. Of course I didn't. I drove the few miles home and took her to the local vet. The dog had been chipped and her owner contacted.

She was a lovely little dog. And 'taking good actions' towards her needed no effort.

My only regret is that I didn't take her photo. The one shown is the closest to her I could find.