Earl Hamner - the man who was John Boy?

You might recall this blog from last year...

Let me begin with an apology.

I'm sorry, but this is yet another post about The Waltons. Where to begin?

I'm a sucker for a fictional account of a factual event. Tell me a film or a TV programme is based on a true story and I want to know where the story takes over. Little House on the Prairie...Watergate...The Waltons.

So last night I pondered The Waltons. A TV channel is running two episodes every night and I'm sucked back into the life of John Boy. But what's the truth? I already knew that the grandparents were based on the maternal line, not as portrayed in the show. Were there more shocking revelations?

There's only one way to solve this puzzle. The Waltons is based on Spencer's Mountain - a film starring Henry Fonda.

So I clicked on Amazon, pondering the idea of buying a copy of the book that the film is based on.

The depression is well documented. No matter how hard this recession we will never experience those hardships - but Spencer's Mountain retails at about £50 - beyond my purse.

Depressed? Not a bit of it. I'll find a copy eventually and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll share it with you!

Sadly I have no good news to share - although my old mate eBay has some for nearer £25. But during today's search, I came upon another Waltons related book - the biography of its creator, Earl Hamner: A Biography from Walton's Mountain to Tomorrow.

A quick search on Amazon and I found it for a very affordable price and within seconds had made the purchase.

I don't know why I want to read it. I'm not sure I'll even enjoy it. But Earl's life - whether it's the version on TV or another, has to be a fascinating tale.

Don't worry, I'll try not to bang on about it too much!