Simmering shimmers

After the second lesson, would you assume I'd be twice as good? In my dreams.

We revisited the 'basic' - moving our feet, all of them, back and forward in time to the music, sort of.

I say sort of because that's how it happens, sort of. One minute you're there in the groove and then you cast your eye along the line and realise you're out of step with everyone else.

The instructor's eyes give the game away - maybe I'm going to be a challenge too far.

After that hour, the improvers moved in - a little more wary than last week. By now we'd almost nailed the 'basic' and had moved on to a combination of turning, spinning and mainly staggering.

Once we'd exhausted their patience we had another hour of repeating those steps.

That second hour was optional and I felt I needed all the help I could get - especially as in the third week, I'd be expected to turn, spin and stagger counter-clockwise.