Hump or Dump?

The world of film is full of paradox. 'What?' I hear you shout. Let me continue.

A few nights ago I watched Sleepless In Seattle - the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan film. The pair spend virtually the whole movie trying to find each other. Women of a certain age spend virtually the whole movie shouting at them to meet, for Meg to dump her boyfriend and for Tom to get a good night's sleep, or not.

And what of the poor boyfriend, who for a short while became the fiance? Well, enter stage left Mr Bill Pullman.

Wimpy and weird, we all knew there was no future in that relationship.

And now, let's fast-forward to While You Were Sleeping.

Sandra Bullock spends virtually the whole movie trying to convince herself that she's in love with Peter. We the audience know different. Lucy (Sandra's character), is destined to fall in love with the brother. And who plays the brother? None other than Mr Dumped - Bill Pullman.

Films are a strange beast.