The sun shone, but not on us

Back in early September, I posted this...

What's the strangest thing a friend has asked you to do? Well in Baggy's circle of friends, all friends are strange but Friday's request was the strangest by far.

Not far from here, about an hour's walk, is a woodland burial ground. It's one of those places where loved ones can rest in a rural and natural location. There are no headstones, wooden plaques mark the graves and later small trees are planted. Eventually the field will be full of a mixture of trees and become what it says on the label - a woodland.

So what was the strange request? I was asked to join the friend on a late walk - to spend some time there in the dark.

Without hesitation I agreed and the following evening we set off - with flasks of coffee, chocolate and a torch.

There are a few wooden benches around the edge of the field, but we chose some plastic garden chairs and moved them to the far edge where we could enjoy a view of the moon. If you read yesterday's Blog you'll know that it wasn't long before we tried to identify the planets too!

We were joined by the rustling of the hedge behind us - possibly rabbits or deer, we'd seen both before the light disappeared.

The strange thing about the evening was that it wasn't strange. It seemed perfectly natural to enjoy each other's company in this way. My friend's husband is buried there and she wanted to experience the atmosphere created by darkness. We just sat there - sometimes chatting, sometimes not.

As we walked home along the trailway we decided that it would be lovely to watch the sun rise there and that's definitely something to add to our 'to do' list.

I don't know what my friend was expecting, I'm not sure what I expected. But it was a very enjoyable evening - albeit strange in a Baggy kind of way.

So fast-forward to December and our 'to do' list was about to get a tick.

My alarm blasted me awake at 5 am and an hour later I met with my friend and her patient dog, Coco.

As we sat, supping our coffee, the sun made a tardy appearance. Clouds had mustered and the view was grey. But we had achieved our goal and the residents of the burial ground could rest easy, safe in the knowledge we wouldn't disturb them again for some time.