Knowing me, knowing you?

Sunday night and I was torn, unfortunately not physically, between Robert Redford and Nicholas Cage.

Now before you start throwing tomatoes at your monitor, let me explain. I was about to shove The Horse Whisperer into the DVD thingy, when I noticed there was a film about to start on TV - one that I hadn't seen before.

Nicholas Cage does nothing for me. Actually that's a lie. He annoys me. He's so intense. In fact he's too intense. His furrowed brow seems to affect his mouth, causing him to mumble.

But putting all that to one side, I was drawn to the film - Knowing. Hadn't a clue what it was about, or who else was in it. But I watched it, from start to finish.

Without boring you too much, it was all about knowing - knowing the future, especially knowing about disasters.

Cage couldn't prevent the disasters, they were going to happen no matter how much he furrowed his brow.

The special effects were above standard, but the story was just this side of ridiculous. Or so I thought.

Today I had a note put through my door from a PC Cage.

*waits for the gasps to cease*

No, don't be daft - that wasn't his real name. PC Cage was writing to me, asking for help. Had I heard or seen anything suspicious the night before? Well apart from his namesake's acting, no.

Then my eye was drawn, again. This time to the date. It was dated 8th September 2011. PC Cage must have known about the incident and prepared his letter weeks ago.

Hopefully he won't suffer the same fate as Nick the Actor and gets to nail Nick the Felon?

And if you don't believe me, take a close look at the image - apart from removing PC Cage's contact details, this is exactly what I received. The truth is stranger than fiction - and is definitely out there.