Gin palaces

A few days ago I posted about my mother's words of wisdom. It seems unfair to leave dad out, so let me enlighten you...

When I was young - really young - we lived in a three-storey house. Now kids will be kids and we'd often leave landing lights on - and those in rooms too.

"Turn the lights off!" dad would yell and we'd groan.

Now I'm a big girl I live in my own three-storey house and I hear his words every time I leave a room or go up or downstairs.

And what of mother? Last night I'd left a landing light on. With a sigh and a grin I remembered something she used to say, that it was 'lit up like a gin palace'. I don't know what a gin palace is - I suspect they're places of fun and misfortune - if the price is right.

The moral of my post is, your parents are always right. Always.

And I know I'll get more than a groan from mum when she realises she's associated with gin palaces too!