The Flames of Food

It’s an age-old joke - that men can’t multi-task. So how about of a woman, this woman, rising to the challenge?

It was Christmas Eve and my critical contribution to the most important food fest of the year was to bake sausage rolls. Note I didn’t say make them. No, a bag of frozen ones, dipped into beaten egg (I am able to do that) and baked in the oven until golden brown.

It’s a waste of juice to put the oven on just for them - as tasty as I know them to be - so I also baked a potato and a fillet of salmon too.

As everything reached a mouth-watering crescendo, I popped a pan of frozen veg on the hob - smug in my false confidence.

It simmered towards the back, leaving room for the baking tray to sit as I removed the golden delights, placing them carefully on the cooling rack.

One slight problem…the grease-proof paper proved highly inflammable. I shan’t bore you with more - suffice to say the flames were doused with water. The soggy rolls swam to the bin and I deleted multi-tasker from my CV.