Double glazing?

As a child who grew up wearing glasses I'm all too familiar with those mocking nicknames - Four Eyes and Double Glazing spring to mind.

But this morning I realised how apt they were.

After I'd showered I attempted to insert a contact lens into my right eye. It went in easy enough, but the vision was blurry. Anyone who wears lenses knows they're sensitive beggars, so I removed it and tried another. Same thing happened.

As I stared into the mirror, wondering if there was something amiss with the eye, I wondered at how clearly I was able to see.

Yes, you've guessed it. I'd already inserted a pair and was attempting - and succeeding - to set another on top.

Usually I shower first, but this morning I'd had some chores to complete first, so I'd popped them in.

Personally I think I deserve a prize for managing to put two in one eye - twice!