Coco bites back!

Coco - the dog with the 'almost full' belly

Got dragged out of bed really early this morning. Mum threw a few crumbs into my bowl. I knew that wasn’t going to be enough. Lucky for me that daft cat hadn’t found his grub, so my belly was almost full. It was still dark out – what the heck was mum thinking of? I know she’s barking mad, but I normally get a few more hours peace before she drags me off.

We headed towards the ‘bins’. These ‘bins’ are used for green stuff. Don’t know why mum and her gang meet there. None of them are green.

Only the Nutter with the camera was there today. She looked half asleep and seemed to have stuffed her duvet under her coat. I swear I was the only one awake. Both of them seemed to be walking with their eyes shut. The Nutter put her torch on so she didn’t fall over me. Some hope.

Found something dead to eat on the trailway. Not sure what it was, but it tasted ripe enough. At last my belly’s almost full.

Still dark when we reached the end of the trailway. Mum and Nutter sat in a couple of plastic chairs. Me? My bum got wet on the grass. Still, there were compensations. Mum had pinged some sausagey things in the microwave before we left. Nutter didn’t want any – she was still full from breakfast. Mum shared sausagey thing with me so my belly was almost full.  Then the three of us sat there, staring into space.

Then they started staring at a hill, in the west. I crossed my paws that I wouldn’t have to climb it.  There was a bright light coming from the opposite end, I don't think either of them saw it.

As usual mum was playing with that black plastic thing that makes noises. Nutter was looking at it too. Just as I was nodding off, Nutter decided to pretend she was a dog. As she sprawled on the ground wearing her plastic chair, I did what all dogs do – licked her. I don’t know why she would spread goose fat on her face, but this was no time to be picky.

Eventually mum stopped laughing and Nutter managed to get to her feet. They both made sloshing sounds as we headed back to civilisation. I knew those flasks would come back and bite them. Mum decided to play hide and seek behind a hedge. I soon found her.

The two of them staggered back to town and I bounced along, in charge. God knows where they’d be if I let them out on their own!