Bats, Bad Dogs and Bonkers!

According my blog stats, Bella’s gang – the vampires with big hair – are about to knock the Baked Beans post off the top of the pile.

I don’t think you can underestimate the power of those Twilight books – and films, of course.

So powerful are they that I found myself investing in a DVD pack of the first three films. Of course it’s all for research.

Let's rewind the tape. In the first film Bella falls for the guy with big hair and teeth. In the next cycle he flies off leaving her to sulk and mumble to her best friend, a werewolf. How much bad luck can one girl attract? Quite a bit if the reports of the final instalment (that’s number five to the numerically challenged) are to be believed.

In number two a familiar face popped up – Graham Greene is a Native American and appeared in Dances With Wolves and Northern Exposure – amongst others, I’m sure.

NE was my kind of programme – totally bonkers. Rob Morrow played a hapless doctor, shipped to the chilly Alaskan outback in Northern Exposure. IMDb describes him as ‘A newly graduated doctor...required to set up his practice in an eccentric Alaskan town.’

For eccentric read bonkers – actually, it’s BONKERS.

What scared me most about the programme was that it was totally believable. I’m sure the good folk of Alaska chuckled to themselves as they watched the show – I certainly hope so.

But back to Bella and her mates. DVD number three is waiting for me. After that it’s back to the Christmas bashathon – While You Were Sleeping, You’ve Got Mail – followed by the already mentioned Tim Allen classic Santa Clause trilogy. And that’s all topped off with a bit of Bing and White Christmas.

Who are you calling bonkers?!