2012 - year of the Next Blog?

At the top of a Blog's page is a button - Next Blog.

It was via that route I found Dizgraceland - an American who posts a couple of times a week about mundane matters, but always an entertainer.

A few days ago I hit that random button and found only sadness. There's a wilderness of Blogs that were created for fun, for sharing - but haven't been updated for six months or so.

Here's one that I found very moving. Dr Rob was off to China and had written a poem. I've posted a comment, asking if he has returned - let's hope so.

Further investigation reveals he created a Chinese Blog. He's still there. But I wonder why he never updated that old Blog?

Why not make 2012 the year of the Next Blog?

And if you have an old, unloved Blog - please remember to give it some care and attention.