Trivial Trevor?

Have you ever watched the Vicar of Dibley? If you have then you'll be familiar with the bumbling and indecisive character played by Trevor Peacock.

Those with a long memory might know that before he became an actor, Mr Peacock was a writer of songs in the 60s. He penned hits for the likes of Joe Brown.

But last Saturday, on Radio 2's Sounds of the Sixties, Brian Mathew revealed that Mr P had also recorded his own songs. And do you know what? He had a darned good voice!

If you check him out on Wikipedia, there's no reference to any of his musical achievements.

Brian Mathew produced many, many pop shows in the 60s and his regular references to Mr P imply that he perhaps knows him - so I accept the information offered and share it with the masses on here.

Are you impressed? Yes, no, maybe, no?