Peaking too soon?

Sunday lunch with my parents led to the usual subject for post-lunch debate. No, not how much free food I would be snatching. That's been kicked into touch by The Blog. This Blog to be precise.

My father isn't IT savvy. He doesn't see the point to much that appears on the internet - although he's always pleased to see anything out there about the Baggies (West Bromwich Albion to the unwashed).

So why Blog? My answer - Blogging is like Everest. We Blog in the same way people climb Everest - because it's there.

Now I'm not saying they're equal challenges, goodness me, no. When you're struggling to find words that will bore the world, climbing a mountain seems almost a trifle.

So that's it, in a nutshell - we Blog because it's there.

Unfortunately as you'll probably realise, it's also a great way to waste time. Right now I should be reviewing a show. So far all I have is, 'Richard Digance - bit like Pam Ayres, but with a guitar, less hair and a willy'. I doubt the editor will use that. Pam's had a haircut.

Climb every mountain...

Oh - that photo comes from another Blog, of course.