Cut it out!

Regular readers already know that I’ve been sucked into a time warp and regularly trip back to Waltons Mountain. I’m not sure what series we’re on now - my grip on reality is loosened by a sister channel showing TV film specials. Recently we’ve had JB returning from New York with a girlfriend, JB coming back to get married and ultimately JB becoming the father of twins. Somewhere in between Olivia’s battled Polio and had a miscarriage.

So what happened this evening? This is a shocker.

Elizabeth (who got engaged last night, but tonight is still very much the baby) was concerned about her old cat having rabbits - yes, really. Fortunately for the cat she gave birth to kittens. Well sort of. She gave birth to two and then pegged it. Now that’s normally where the Waltons backs away from reality. But not tonight.

“We have to save the third kitten” pleads JB. “Bring me some scissors”, he demanded. Yes, scissors. Fortunately we were saved from the gory blood bath that must have ensued. JB cut to the chase, the third kitten was saved and the dead cat was removed.

Ah yes, fond memories. Good job Janet (JB's bride to be) never saw that episode! I never thought I'd be sharing this tip with you, but never pass JB a pair of scissors.

Goodnight Mama.