Worth the paper it's written on

I live in house filled with paper and notebooks. Like many writers I’m addicted to notebooks. I love the idea of writing upon those virgin pages. The reality is somewhat difference. Whenever I do feel inspired to jot down a shopping list or two I can never find a pad, paper or even a pen.

The list of posts my father decided would test my mettle as a writer were scribbled on an advert sent out with a magazine.

My words fight for room against ‘truly unlimited broadband – free for 3 months’.

And to add insult to injury they’re written in blue ink. I detest blue ink, I’m not sure why. No, if words are to be read they must be in black. I think it stems from my early training in an office. Blue ink doesn’t copy well and that’s why many official forms demand their completion in black.

I’m not sure if that applies to my little lists, but to me that rule demands black and white!