There's no picture with today's post. I looked for the only one I could possibly use, but failed.

A few days ago Turkey suffered another earthquake - one of those awful, natural disasters that snatch away life and lives.

On the news they showed a clip of the destruction. A building had become just rubble and nearby a woman cried hysterically. But that wasn't the image that I wanted to share. To her side stood a young girl, probably no more than ten. Was she the woman's daughter, niece, neighbour? Impossible to know.

The girl didn't move, she made no noise. She just stared.

But what moved me so was how the girl was dressed. She wore pink leggings and a zipped up top - like many kids her age do. In a moment, her care-free pink coloured life had changed forever.

There was something innocent about that pink. Something poignant and something now lost.